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Our commitment

We want to help you get the best possible holiday stay in Cyprus. It does not matter if you need accomodation, car/bike rental, transfer or excursion we aim to help you find what best matches your needs and wishes. We are not a booking agency nor a charter company we only help holiday providers such as homeowners, car rentals, excursion providers and so forth to market their business. If you have a problem take it with the company you booked with. With that said, if you have a problem and can not get any help, we are here for you and we would like to know if something is not working the way you expect so we can rectify it for the future.

Your commitment

Your first priority is to have a great holiday! Treat the accomodation you rent as your own. If anything breaks or is not working you are responsible to inform the homeowner as soon as apropriet depending on the problem. Only make bookings you are intending to use. When renting a car/bike we want you to be safe, don't drink and drive and remember to drive on the wrong/left side of the road.



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